this is how others have felt about working with us.


The music business is changing every day. The studio at Blue Sky is one that fits the need of today’s musician. It’s a modern feel that you can hear in the productions. Casey is an outstanding producer with great advice and expertise in his craft. It’s close enough to the city to feel connected and excluded enough to feel a sense of seclusion. Casey has worked with professionals in his field and offers his experience to benefit each artist. But the most important thing: The product. Casey’s work is unparalleled to studio’s in the area and in his price range. I have a product I will be proud of the rest of my life. After getting interviewed to promote the CD I made with Casey, a local magazine writer said: “This isn’t a local product. This is above and beyond anything around.” – Jeremiah Stricklin

“I’ve worked with BlueSky Studios on many occasions and have only had good experiences. The studio is well-equipped with high quality amps, guitars, mics, and coffee. Casey has a laid-back personality but is able to keep the mood both productive and creative. Every artist I’ve seen go through BlueSky has left satisfied with the service and product they receive. I know you will too.” -Tyler Baker

“This studio. This studio. This studio. Those are your answers if you are asking the following questions: Where can I get the best recordings for the best prices? Where are the best, most encouraging, and all-around fun engineers to work with? and Where should I record my next project? (to recap, the answer is BlueSky Studios). BlueSky and all of the people associated with it are top-notch, professionals. It just so happens they also are the best people you may ever work with in your life. Studios can be stressful environments, but the staff at BlueSky make everything so easy. They work with you every step of the way, and they make sure to love your project as if it were their very own..” -Shawn Chambliss

“If you’re going to record in Mississippi, this is the place to go. I had the opportunity to record my debut EP at BlueSky Studio this spring, and working with Casey has been the most successful and enjoyable collaborative experience I’ve ever had musically. Not only is Casey an unbelievably gifted producer, but he also truly cares about seeing the artists he works with succeed and have a wonderful experience while making project. His laid-back yet goal-oriented personality is the perfect combination for a producer to have; overseeing every step of making a great album, while still encouraging the artist to explore the creative possibilities of each track. The sound quality is absolutely incredible, and you’ll be blown away by the talent of Casey and Bryson as engineers.The greatest thing about working with Casey, however, is his combination of excellence and integrity. No one will work harder to help you achieve your goals than Casey! Guaranteed. He is truly dedicated to making every project a success. The studio musicians are also absolutely fantastic. Casey did an excellent job of picking musicians that would be a perfect fit for my album! So if you want to make a top-notch recording with an unbelievably talented group of people, BlueSky Studio is where you need to record!” -Sam Mooney

“Few words sum up what this place and environment has meant to me. I am a singer/songwriter who moved into Jackson, MS 3 years ago. Never in the world could you have convinced me that I would have recorded any kind of song, CD, EP, etc. The idea of that seemed to be stuck in a dream and really only seemed to happen elsewhere. Blue Sky made dreams become reality for me. Thankfulness sums up my experience with this studio. Casey & Bryson are phenomenal guys who have superb talent/gear and have sincere care for you and your music. They have the musicians best interest at heart but they are also willing to step in and make your “product” better and more satisfying. When looking for studios or producers, look no further and let these guys help make your art a true reality.” -Ben Ford

“I have spent time at BlueSky Studio on several different occasions and each experience has been incredible. When approaching the recording process, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, the BlueSky staff does such a good job at relieving that stress by helpfully guiding customers where needed in order to make your visions into tangible creations.” -Cody Carpenter

“My experience with Casey Combest and BlueSky studios has been more than excellent. I am currently working with Casey on a goal of mine, to record a 4 song EP, and I am well on my way to achieving my goal and more. In the studio Casey is very professional and works at a very efficient pace. As a musician I appreciate the efficiency very much. The amount of recording that we accomplished in the amount of time we had allotted was phenomenal. Casey is very encouraging and you can tell that he enjoys what he does. This studio environment has never been stressful for me. This makes working with this studio extremely appealing! One more thing that I like about working with BlueSky is that I now have goals and plans for the future. Casey helped me develop a game plan for this EP and the future so that I can continue to pursue a music career. Thanks to BlueSky and Casey for all the help!” – Nancy Sanders

“BlueSky Studios was a very friendly work environment for Brick City Gentlemen and for me personally. We went in a few months ago, and Casey was just amazingly helpful from the get-go. He is enthusiastic, easy to work with, and very good at what he does. We just got our masters from him, and they sound better than we could have ever imagined. He has been very supportive through this whole process, and he truly made it fun to record, something I didn’t know was possible. I hope to work with him again in the future as new projects arise.” -Lan Tolleson

“BlueSky is a very comfortable studio. It’s nice to come into the studio and not feel the pressure often associated with recording an album. Casey conducts sessions in a laid back manner that also produces results. I’ve always been impressed with the sounds Casey is able to get at BlueSky. Its a great place for all types of music from singer songwriter projects to full band stuff.” -Drew Mellon

“Casey just finished mixing and mastering our project from Barcelona, Spain and he was such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. He really listened to all of our suggestions while holding strong to his incredible ear for how it should sound. I would recommend anyone to use Casey if you want a high quality result and the opportunity to work with just a great guy. We are more than pleased with how our album turned out and hope to be able to count on him on our next one!” – Josh Brister

“Casey is a real professional…and he’s easy to work with. No stress, no worries, and very encouraging during the recording process. I’ve recorded with him a couple times over the past 6 years…it’s awesome to see how much he’s learned over the years and how much he continues to grow as an engineer and producer.” – Ronnie Dennis

“The work performed by Casey was absolutely phenominal. He understood what we were needing in order to present a balanced and professional presentation. Not only did he exceed our expectations, but was able to do so in a very short period of time. We look forward to working with Casey in the future and greatly appreciate his caring and professional abilities.” – David Herrington

“I had a wonderful experience at BlueSky Studios. I felt very comfortable exploring my ideas and had a great time. The quality of the setup and the sound of the recordings were absolutely professional. The studio musicians were great to work with and did an incredible job picking up on my basic song idea and running with it. I would give the studio my highest recommendation. Two thumbs up and five stars!” – Steven Nixon

“I have worked with Casey on several different projects, including my own EP. His knowledge of how to get the best tone from your instrument/voice and his ear for judging a good take, consistently result in a very efficient session. If you want to get excellent quality for the money, Casey is the man for the job. And his dog, Grant, is good company during down time.” – Tom Edwards

“BlueSky Studios excels at valuing each artists goals when recording and mixing. My co-worker’s daughter recorded with BlueSky last year and he still tells me how impressed he was with the whole experience. Casey goes above and beyond in making each project a success from start to finish. BlueSky has my highest recommendation!” – Lane Beasley

“Casey Combest, the owner of BlueSky, offers a personal touch in the recording process with a very professional end product. As a talented musician himself, he really knows how to help you achieve the sound you want. Plus his studio space is awesome; great place to make some music.” -David Barger

“As a musician, I could not think of a better place to make music. Casey has such great talent for what he does, but more than that, he has a genuine heart to see people succeed. Working with BlueSky, I can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied when you are done with your project. When it comes to writing, tracking, mixing, or just hanging out and drinking coffee, BlueSky Studio is place you can just be yourself, and I believe that is what will make you successful. BlueSky is a place that success is guaranteed.” -Jared Mitchell

“Casey & the Crew at Blue Sky provide a product that is simply amazing. From the moment pre-production began, to hearing the final mastered version of my album, I have had nothing but a professional experience with Blue Sky. In addition to the professional experience, the quality sound you will receive from working with Casey is beyond incredible. Whatever sound you are aiming for, Casey can get you there! These guys will break their backs for you to see you achieve your goals and dreams. I absolutely loved my experience with Blue Sky, and would easily do it all over again, and I hopefully will!” -Randy Wright